Our journey in the MC world has been profound. The life search for principles shared by brethren for the basic concept in Brotherhood, Loyalty, Honor and Respect has been eye opening and enlightening. Many men joined clubs looking for these three principles only to be disillusioned to their true meaning and eventually lost to their definitions.

 Some arrogant crews would pass judgment upon others as inferior, thus leading to acts of dishonor and disrespect. Some would join a pack believing they could find a life time of comradery only to discover at the first sign of dissension and conflict they wish to flee the troubles in lieu of defending their beliefs. This is loyalty lost.

 Then there are other men, very common men, that believe and say they are with honor but their honor is tested quickly in a crew and all their words held no water after they folded. We see packs with great numbers and at times wonder if it's possible to have that many men in this world with the same level of principle and dedication. That have the ability to see and represent something higher then themselves, something they would never give up, the highest principles of a patch holder.

 We see all these men and say, probably not. It's the rarest of men that stay strong in the face of adversity, that understand the rewards of loyalty can not be bought with coin or trinkets. We know these men can only wish to hold what we hold more valuable then Ourselves. We look upon them with stern discontent.

 We have realized the world of brothers is almost completely dead. So we turn Our backs to the disloyal, the disrespectful and the ones who do not hold any code of honor.

 We turn Our backs with a warning. We are dead to your world and dead men have nothing to fear. Stay out of Our dying world. We are the few.

 We ride in the shadows  because We do not want your attention. We don't want admiration, lies or your false beliefs. We want to remain dead to that world.

 That corrupted and decrepit place sickens Our hearts and poisons Our souls. We are proud to embrace Our final demise at any moment because we have forged an unbreakable chain, each and every link indestructible, even in death.

Honor, Loyalty, Respect, Brotherhood.




                                                             usque ad mortem atque ultra                     

                                                DEATHMEN MC



                                                                                         NEW YORK


                                                                                          SO CAL